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Equipment Recovery at Arborfield Saskatchewan

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We are on a recovery mission. The assignment: Recover equipment from a plant in Arborfield, SK for install at Virtex Farm Foods.
Our biggest target:  Canola Conditioner by French Oil Machinery Company

Getting this 65,000 lb Canola Conditioner by French out requires a lot of teamwork. We had to remove it through the roof with a 270 ton and 75 ton crane. Kudos to Sterling Crane for their excellent operators! Extreme weather and heavy snow fall added challenge to this controlled demolition and recovery of equipment. Next, transport to Saskatoon, SK and finally, install at Virtex Farm Foods. More to come on that.

Preparation to lift the recovered Canola Conditioner out of the Arborfield plant through the roofThe canola press being lifted out of the building. View from outsideThe conditioner being set down outside the plant. This image shows the 270 ton crane with the 75 ton crane used to tail the loadThe Conditioner is laid down for transport.

‘Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success” ~author unknown

Pea Fractioning- A growing market

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“According to the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance, Canada is the world’s largest producer and exporter of field peas, Canada’s largest pulse crop. Canada accounts for over 30 per cent of world pea production and over 50 per cent of world pea trade.”

-Excerpt taken from Aug 29, 2018 article Chance Barkely in Germination

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Why Pea Fractionation is the Next Big Thing