If you are considering Cleaning, Sorting, Dehulling, Fractionation or other further processes, combining our experience with your wants and needs ensures success for your pulse plant design.

When considering your pulse plant design, we like to start with your big picture, your grand vision  and desired outcomes. Then we work with engineering to help you determine the best processes, flow and equipment to get you where you want to be. We are not limited to one product line. Our goal is to design plant, utilizing your equipment preferences. As a result you end up with a system that will satisfy your needs into the future. One that is efficient, effective and maximizes your return on investment with the option for growth.

Let our experts help you with:

  • Review of existing layout and site topography
  • Consideration of future expansion plans
  • Evaluation of equipment options, location and factors that may impact design layout
  • On-site inspection
  • Permit-ready structural drawings for construction

We work with you to help you find the equipment that fits your needs, desired output, budget, and gives you the best return on your investment. We do not limit ourselves to any one equipment line, yet we are preferred installers for several suppliers.  

Our unique skill set, and understanding will make sure you avoid costly mistakes in your project design. Benefit from the LPL expertise for processing and facility planning.  

For management, project management, scheduling, estimating, and construction; our solutions include all the disciplines required to complete the job from beginning to end. Dedication to continuous training and innovation keeps our team sharp. These highly qualified individuals have the discipline to carefully plan, organize, motivate, and control resources to achieve goals and exceed expectations, no matter the project size. 

Our company is built on long term relationships. We want to continue that tradition with clients like you. That is why our start up, commissioning and end of project support is so important.