Design & Consultation

Pulse Plant Design Excellence with LPL Management

At LPL Management, we understand that the success of your pulse plant relies on a seamless integration of your vision with our expertise. Whether you’re contemplating cleaning, sorting, dehulling, fractionation, or other advanced processes, we collaborate with you to ensure your plant design aligns perfectly with your goals.

Our Approach

 Starting with Your Vision:

• We begin by understanding your big picture, your grand vision, and your desired outcomes.
• Our team collaborates with engineering experts to determine the best processes, flow, and     equipment that will lead you to success.

Tailored Plant Design:

• We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our goal is to design a plant that integrates
    seamlessly with your equipment preferences.
• Your plant will not only meet current needs but will also be designed for future growth,
   ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and a maximum return on investment.

Expertise in Plant Design:

Our experts provide a range of services, including:
•      Reviewing existing layouts and site topography.
•      Considering future expansion plans.
•      Evaluating equipment options, locations, and factors influencing design layouts.
•      On-site inspections.
•      Providing permit-ready structural drawings for construction.


• We collaborate with you to find the equipment that best suits your needs, output requirements, and budget.
• As preferred installers for multiple suppliers, we bring flexibility to equipment selection to ensure the best return on your investment.


• Leverage our unique skill set and understanding to avoid costly mistakes in project design.
• Benefit from our expertise in processing and facility planning for seamless execution.


• Our comprehensive solutions cover project management, scheduling, estimating, and construction.
• With a dedicated team committed to continuous training and innovation, we ensure precise planning and execution, exceeding expectations regardless of project size.


• Our company is built on enduring relationships. Your success matters to us.
• From start-up and commissioning to end-of-project support, count on our commitment to your ongoing success.

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