Past Projects

Some of LPL’s key accomplishments include:

WSL Runciman

First Phase – bulk cleaning and loading of pulse products (mainly yellow peas)
Second Phase – participation in research and development; construction of a pea splitting facility

Briercrest Grain

Greenfield project – design and build an on-rail pulse/cereal processing facility
Shamrock Seeds plant expansion – addition of rough grain storage, clean grain packaging/storage

Grain Millers

Design and construction of an on-rail flax processing facility

MGM Seed & Grain

First Phase – construction of a cleaning line, processing line, and packaging area
Second Phase – addition of an oat milling facility including flaking and pasteurization

Goldburn Valley Oil Mill

First Phase – design and build an oil pressing plant for organic flax, sunflowers, and borage

Verdient Foods

Design and build a pea fractioning facility, extracting starch and protein from peas. Includes packaging and pelleting on-rail

North West Terminal

Addition of new receiving scale and conveyance; installation of improved dust collection system, extensive maintenance to existing conveyance

AGT Soileos

Construction of a feed mill line for a cattle feed lot

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