Construction & Fabrication

We don’t just design grain facilities we build them too!

Construction Management Services

We assist in the overall planning, coordination, and control of the construction process and perform all work during a project’s construction phase. As leaders throughout the entire building process, we foster collaboration at all levels, rally teams and above all else provide our clients with effective management of a project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope and function.

General Contracting

LPL approaches every project like it is their main project, keeping expertise, economics, and safety at the forefront. With our industry respected standards, knowledge, experience, and skills we deliver results.

Preconstruction Advantage

We provide advisory services during a project’s pre-construction phase. With an expert team investigating required resources, accurate pricing, project planning, and hazard assessment. Attention to these areas ensures the project’s direction is within your vision, and your conception is addressed as the completed project.

Fabrication Shop

In 2017 we built our custom fabrication shop and steel warehouse in Unity, SK. This facility was built for the sole purpose of supporting our field projects and installation crews. Whether it’s food grade stainless or structural steel, custom fabrication is a large component of any plant design. Having our own dedicated shop, we don’t have to worry about timeline and supply issues of outsourcing or subcontracting steel fabrication. The LPL Fab shop has a team of Journeyperson Millwrights, Welders and Machinists that have extensive experience in the custom fabrication and repair of processing related components.

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